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  • The HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro holds up to four M.2 NVMe drives. At, we use the latest Samsung drives which perform at 1750MB/s write and 2500MB/s read. The Samsung SM961 and 970 are the current model in production and are the fastest drives on the market.

    Samsung produces the SM961 drives in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities. For the 2TB, we use the Samsung 960 Evo retail model which performs about the same speed as the SM961. The SM961 is Samsung’s OEM model, while the 970 is Samsung’s retail model.

    At, we can install any drive combination inside the Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro PCIe card.

    1. one, two, three, or four drives.
    2. any combination of capacities.
      1. For example two 512GB and one 2TB.
    3. a combination of RAIDs
      1. For example, two 1TB as one stripe RAID and two 250GB as another stripe RAID
    4. a combination of independent and RAID
      1. For example, one drive for the operating system and three drives in RAID configuration as a scratch disk / editing drive. This is a very popular setup because:
        1. you can your OS/Apps drive and your editing drive on one PCIe slot.
        2. The faster your scratch disk, the better. With three drives in stripe RAID, you achieve about 5000MB/s. Plus, you have a single primary drive performing at 2000MB/s which is still super fast.

    RAID 0 (Stripe RAID for Performance)

    Two 1TB drives in RAID 0 will be arranged as a single 2TB partition. The data on the partition will be split on both drives. This allows for the data to take advantage of the performance of both drives. It’s great for performance, but since the data is split between the drives, if one drive fails on the RAID, all data is lost. Thus, it is important to back up all data that is saved on the RAID 0, order four 1TB and four 512GB SM961 from marketology,

    RAID 0 works with two, three, or four drives.

    • Two Drive RAID 0 - About 3500MB/s write and 5000MB/s read
    • Three Drive RAID 0 - About 4000MB/s write and 6000MB/s read
    • Four Drive RAID 0 - About 5000MB/s write and 7500MB/s read

    RAID 1 (Mirror RAID for Backup/Redundancy)

    Two 1TB drives in RAID 0 will be arranged as a single 1TB partition.
    Everything copied to one drive will be mirrored to the second drive automatically. If one drive fails, the other drive will have all data saved.

    RAID 1 works only with two drives.

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